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At Direct Action We Value Your Worth

For The Professionals

Full Spectrum Combat Training developed to enhance operational effectiveness. Custom packages specifically designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals and other Specialized Government Agencies.

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Combat Seminars

Combat seminars are available for the general public. These programs are customized to deliver a unified set of skills that will allow you to take action in a wide variety of situations in the real world.

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General Public

Group or individual training experiences are developed to connect with the general public. Regardless of your age or athletic ability, Direct Acton will help you reach your goals. Whether you seek toned physique, gain strength, develop skills and techniques for self-defence or improve overall personal growth, Direct Action will get you there.

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Women’s Only Seminars

Women are often viewed as ‘soft targets’. The aim of this training is to enhance an understanding of options, in order to become a ‘hard target’. Pro-active measures to make the bad guy think twice before physical action is required. Get inside the OODA (observe the situation, orient yourself towards the danger, decide on the appropriate action, take action). This refers to the decision making process while under a state of stress/duress.

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Kid's Seminars

Children have the right to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. Ensuring safe, healthy, fun and educational experiences, Direct Action Kid's Seminars are designed to help children combat their fears, confront bullies and build confidence in their abilities to protect themselves.

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