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At Direct Action We Value Your Worth

For The Professionals

Full Spectrum Combat Training developed to enhance operational effectiveness. Custom packages specifically designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals and other Specialized Government Agencies. Close range firearms training including CQB movement & skill development.

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Combative Self-Defence - General Public

Combative Self-Defence seminars are available for the general public. These programs are customized to deliver a unified set of skills that will allow you to take action in a wide variety of situations in the real world.

Group or individual training experiences are developed to connect with the general public. Regardless of your age or athletic ability, Direct Acton will help you reach your goals. Gain strength, develop skills and techniques for self-defence to improve overall personal growth. Looking good with a toned physique is a positive by-product to training with Direct Action.

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Women’s Only Seminars

Women's only self-defence seminars are developed to enhance the understanding of the real dangers faced by modern women in today's new normal. Build confidence and become a hard target.

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Personal Training

Physical conditioning specifically designed to mimic & replicate the energy systems needed to perform as a soldier in combat or an MMA fighter in the cage. DA has formulated a style of training to provide the client with an experience of feelings similar to a professional soldier and MMA athlete. Together we will develop your physical and psychological robustness.

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