Combative Paradigm

Coaching – Understanding the fundamental differences between a ‘Coach’ and an ‘Instructor’.
Psychological Resiliency & Robustness Training (PRT) – Integrated training modalities to develop toughness.  
Bridging the gap between the skill and the will to fight.
Combative Self-Defence – Striking, clinch and ground work with and without the presence of weapons.
Implementing skills in preparation for real world dangers.
Blade Work – Developing fixed and folder proficiency, use and defence.
Firearms Training – Firearms safety including dry and live-fire training specifically for pistol, carbine rifle and shotgun.
Physical Conditioning – Program design specifically developed for the tactical / combat athlete.   Energy system enhancement to tackle the most active resistance imaginable.
Nutritional Advice and Guidance – Refining nutritional framework to utilize macro/micro nutrient ingestion made relevant and sustainable for optimal performance.

All services are tailored individually and for small groups, by appointment only.


Combative Self-Defence – General Public

Combative self-defence training  delivered on the Mat and at the Range:

A no-nonsense, solution-based approach to combat the emerging dangers of today.

        ON THE MAT:
Full spectrum combative self-defence to enhance environmental awareness and psychological/physical conditioning.

  • Blending multiple skills with a combative mindset.  Purposefully focused on decision making and critical thinking.
  • Mitigating the risk of injury through progressive and controlled training.
  • Striking variations, clinch and ground work with and without the presence of weapons.
  • Edged weapons training.  How to use a blade and how to defend against an attacker yielding a blade.
  • Pistol disarms.
  • Blunt weapon use and defence.
  • Building strength and conditioning while improving overall personal confidence.
  • Medical training – Emergency situations and actions-on; Major bleeds, Airway management and Shock.

    Firearms safety and range safety protocols.

  • Safe firearms handling, accuracy and speed specific to close range application including carbine rifles, pistols and shotguns).
  • Efficiency of movement.
  • Comprehensive effectiveness and environmental understanding.
  • Incorporating conditioning/physical exertion while employing various firearms.
  • Range drills and proficiency development, scaling between novice to advance applications.
  • Building confidence and proficiencies.

Safe Action Holster course – On the range:  Pistol focused course working from the holster.  Safe handling of the firearms while working through draw-stroke & re-holstering.  Fundamentals of stance, grip, sights & body alignment, trigger manipulation, & recoil management.  7 hours on the range designed to fine-tune the basics.  Build confidence and effectiveness while working from a holster.

DA Combative Level 1 – On the range:  Intermediate level of shooting focused on master hand and support hand only shooting, malfunction drills and shooting on the move.  Efficiency of movement, spatial awareness through economy of motion, and positional shooting.
On the mat:  Striking and movement fundamentals. Distance/Position/Movement drills.  Open palm strikes Vs. Traditional striking arts.  Pistol disarms and defences.  Controlled sparring drills.

DA Combative Level 2 – On the range:  Pistol and Carbine (non-prohibited firearms use) fundamentals, transitioning between long gun and pistol.  Long gun management, barrel-sight relationship, body-firearm positioning.  Movement and shooting with the use of cover.  Positional shooting.   Off-hand shooting and malfunction drills.
On the mat:  Clinch work and close-range attacks and defences.  Low-line strikes and high line strikes while being fouled.  Effective take-downs and take-down defences.  Ground to feet recovery considerations.  Edge weapons attacks and defences; Pre-deployment and deployment phases involving a knife.  Bridging the gap between strengths and limitations.

DA Combative Level 3 – On the range:  Pistol, Carbine rifle and Shot gun – intermediate to advance levels of shooting.  Un-orthodox positions at various distances involving multi-gun option.  Stages designed to challenge the shooter’s decision-making process and effective shot placement.
On the mat:  Ground-based focus demonstrating strengths and exposing vulnerabilities when an altercation goes to the ground.  Weapon possibilities (edged, ballistic and blunt objects).  Ground to feet paradigm motivated to remain mobile.  Real-world Vs. Sport context-driven possibilities. Escapes from less desirable positions.
2 hours dedicated to medical procedures and actions-on; Major bleeds, airway obstruction and shock – what to look for and what to do about it.

  • Vehicle Combatives – On the range:  Pistol, Carbine advanced firearms practices.  Small team function.  Movement, communication, situational awareness involving vehicles and firearms.  How to effectively move in and around vehicles.  Ballistic effects and considerations with materials such as glass, metal, rubber.  Integrated medical scenarios while working through the realities of an elevated heart rate.
    On the mat:  Full spectrum combatives including; Striking, Clinch and Ground work with the addition of weapons, implementation of readily accessible force-multipliers, dynamic micro-fights designed to increase heart rate, challenge the decision-making process while working through discomfort.

All levels are provided with a progressive and safe approach.  Firearms safety and injury prevention protocols are everyone’s responsibility. Proficiency and overall effectiveness are our top priorities.   Accountability of actions will be addressed regularly.

Our training experiences are designed to truly connect with people.  Regardless of age or athletic ability, Direct Acton will help you toughen-up.  Gain strength, develop skills and confidence you your personal abilities.  By appointment only, we offer a learning environment supportie to private and small group settings.  No set classes, long-term contracts or financial comittments.  We offer flexibiltiy with custom training based on the client’s needs, wants and desires.

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For the Professionals

Combatives / Defensive Tactics Training

Upon request, training options include;
Tactical Firearms Training
; Pistol, Carbine Rifle and Shotgun.
CQC (Close Quarters Combat); Interior combat drills, movement, concepts, principles, firearm retention and K9 assimilation with dogs/handlers and other team members. Conduct of Force-on-Force scenarios.
Vehicle CQC; Fighting in and around the use of vehicles and confined spaces and vehicle extraction procedures.
Concealed carry / Plain clothes; Low-profile operations.  Kit and equipment set-up, profile awareness, fight to the gun drills, deployment and use of a blade/writing pen/hand-held flashlight as a back-up tool.
Physical and Psychological robustness growth.  Building resiliency for the body and mind. Performance on demand – Anxiety management, activation, focus and emotional control training.
Defensive Tactics; Striking, clinch and ground work with / without the presence of weapons.  Subject control techniques with the integration of operational kit and equipment in a CQB environment. Long-gun management while engaged in a physical altercation.
Instructor development; Train-the-Trainer options available.  Exploring the differences between being an ‘Instructor’ and being a ‘Coach’.  Human connection and adult learning styles. Creating measurable standards and performance tracking.
Consulting; Leadership, Selection & Retention strategy development. Data collection and delivery system expansion.
Protection detail; Close Personnel, Witness, VIP / International Dignitary protection details.  Team composition duties and responsibilities.  Principal protection drills and techniques.  Draw and fire drills.

At Direct Action we value your worth.  Training safety and operational effectiveness are our top priorities.  We will promote a safe and progressive learning environment while mitigating the risks of personal injury.

Combative training and consulting specifically designed for:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Military Organizations
  • Other Government Agencies
  • Security Professionals

We will provide ‘Train the Trainer’ opportunities upon request.
We will assist with preserving your agency’s credibility and positive public image.
We will mitigate the risk of personal injury through progressive and controlled training.

** All material received is endorsed and supported by Direct Action Combat Performance
If required,  we will fully support the end user in a court of law.


Women’s Only Seminars

Women’s self-defence seminars are developed to meet existing challenges and needs of modern women.  Direct Action will deliver skills in a manner to empower women.  Our goal is to successfully avoid potentail risks and then be capable of defending themselves if the risk becomes unavoidable.

Women are often viewed as ‘soft targets’.  Due to this common view the intent of our delivery system is to provide options to become a ‘hard target’.  We will explore pro-active measures to make the aggressor reconsider their intentions.

Behavioural studies have indicated there are two types of aggressors in the world;
Social Aggressor: The desire to profit through induced fear or uncertainty for personal gain.  Often motivated by materialistic items (purse, cell phone, money, etc.) or temporary social enhancement through verbal assault, physical altercation or emotional belittling.

Predatory Aggressor: The 3 – 5% often male population, who intentionally cause serious harm or worse.  Commonly accompanied by drug/alcohol abuse and/or mental illness.  These aggressors have little fear of law enforcement, no self-respect or respect for others.  Their actions are evil and ill-intended,  accompanied by physically abuse, sexual abuse, rape and emotional trauma.

Direct Action will create a safe learning environment for women to feel comfortable ehancing thier life-saving skills.  With the absence of a testosterone-filled training space, the material becomes more proficient in execution.  Through repetition and consistency, the complexity and cognitive load factor will increase in order to expand the training realism.  All training will be conducted in a professional, safe and progressive manner.

No previous training required.  Designed for females 11 years of age and older.

  • Situational awareness and environmental understanding.
  • Understand the OODA loop (Observe the danger, Orient oneself – collect as much data as possible, Decide on the most appropriate course of action, Act on that decision).
  • Strategies to help manage a physiological response to a psychological stimulus.
  • Use of voice, posture and body language to avoid a potential dangerous situation.
  • Break contact when somebody invades personal space.
  • Abduction avoidance skills and strategies.
  • Use of position, distance and movement to create safety.
  • Use of strikes and targeting specific areas of opportunity.
  • Intro to blade (attacks and defences).
  • Ground to feet recovery (options and outlets).

As a result, women will increase confidence and ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.