Combative Paradigm

Coaching – Understand there is a fundamental difference between a ‘Coach’ and an ‘Instructor’.
Psychological Resiliency – Integrated training modalities to bulletproof the mind. Developing the will, while improving the skill.
Combative Self-Defence – Striking, clinching and ground work with and without the presence of weapons, applicable for real world dangers.
Blade Work – Developing fixed and folder proficiency, application and defence.
Firearms Training – Dry and Live fire range applications specific to the platforms of pistol, carbine rifle and shotgun firearms.
Physical Conditioning – Improving capabilities in areas of strength, cardiovascular capacity, movement patterns, range of motion and overall functional fitness.
Nutritional Advice and Guidance – Refining a nutritional framework that comprehends macro/micro nutrient ingestion and time relevant eating habits that are sustainable for a busy lifestyle.

All services can be tailored individually and for groups sizes up to 20 participants.

Combative Self-Defence – General Public

Combative Seminars are delivered on the Mat and at the Range:

A no-nonsense, solution based approach to combat the emerging dangers in our current society.

  • Full spectrum combative self-defence, driven to enhance situational awareness, physical conditioning and safe firearms training.
  • Blending multiple skills with a combative mindset.  Purposefully focused on decision making and critical thinking.
  • Mitigating the risk of injury through progressive and controlled training
  • Striking, clinching and ground concepts with and without the presence of  weapons.
  • Blade attacks and defence/disarms.  
  • Pistol disarms.
  • Blunt weapon use and defence.
  • Building strength and confidence while improving overall personal growth.

Full spectrum DA Combative Certifications starting Summer 2020.
Level’s 1 through 5 information will soon be updated and made available.

  • Firearms safety and range protocols.
  • Proficiency of firearms handling, accuracy and speed.
  • Efficiency of movement.
  • Pistol, carbine rifle and shotgun training.
  • Safety and environmental understanding.
  • Incorporating conditioning and physical exertion while implementing safe firearms handling.Direct inquiries to:

For the Professionals

Combative / Defensive Tactics Training

  • Customized packages specifically designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals and Other specialized Government Agencies.
  • Full Spectrum Combative Training developed to enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Combining skills utilized for operational realities.  Purposefully focused on Decision-Making Strategies, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Tactical Shooting and Close Quarters Battle (CQB).
  • Weapon retention drills, break contact drills.
  • Abduction avoidance strategies and techniques.
  • Low profile/concealed carry training.
  • Extreme close quarters training, confined space training.  To include blade attacks and defences.
  • Aggressive and effective while maintaining accountability of actions.  Managing stress, anxiety and emotional control through realistic scenario-based training.
  • Maintaining and preserving your agency’s credibility and positive public image, by minimizing negative media attention.
  • Improving overall personal safety.  Mitigating the risk of injury through progressive and controlled training.

Combative training and consulting specifically designed for:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Military Organizations
  • Other Government Agencies
  • Security Professionals

Train the trainer opportunities are available upon request.
All material taught will be fully endorsed by Direct Action and defendable in a court of law.

Women’s Only Seminars

Women’s self-defence seminars are particularly developed to meet existing challenges and needs of modern women.  Direct Action will deliver skills designed to empower women, to successfully avoid risks and defend themselves.

Women are often viewed as ‘soft targets’.  Due to this common view the aim of our delivery is to enhance an understanding of options related to becoming a ‘hard target’.  We will explore pro-active measures to make the bad guy reconsider his intentions.

Behavioural studies have indicated there are two types of aggressors in the world;
Social Aggressor: Those motivated to induce fear or uncertainty onto another person for instant/momentary gratification or for personal gain.  They are motivated by materialistic items (purse, cell phone, money, etc.) or temporary social enhancement through verbal assault, physical altercation or emotional belittling.

Predatory Aggressor: Those are the 3 – 5%, often male population, who will cause serious harm or worse.  Commonly accompanied by drug/alcohol abuse and/or mental illness, these aggressors have little fear of law enforcement, no self-respect or respect for others are are willing to take greater risks.  Their actions are evil and ill-intended,  motivated by physically abuse, sexual abuse, rape and emotional trauma.

Direct Action will create a safe learning environment for women to feel comfortable exploring new material.  With the absence of a testosterone-filled training space, the material becomes more proficient in execution.  Through repetition and consistency, the complexity and cognitive load factor will increase in order to expand the training realism.  All training will be conducted in a professional, safe and progressive manner.

No previous training is required.  Designed for females 10 years of age and up.

  • Situational awareness and the use of your environment to your advantage.
  • Understand the OODA loop (Observe the danger, Orient oneself – collect as much data as possible, Decide on the most appropriate course of action, Act on that decision).
  • Understand how to manage a physiological response to psychological stimulus.
  • Use of voice, posture and body language to avoid a potential altercation.
  • Break contact when somebody invades your personal space.
  • Abduction avoidance skills and strategies.
  • Use of position, distance and movement in order to seek safety or to strike back.
  • Use of strikes and targeting specific areas of opportunity.
  • Intro to blade (attacks and defences).
  • Ground to feet recovery (options and outlets).

As a result, women will increase their confidence and ability to protect themselves and their children.