“Having led, trained and worked with counter-terror, tactical and covert programs over the past 26 years, I have had the opportunity to see and train with the world’s best soldiers. I have also have the pleasure of calling Randy Turner "My Brother". I've had the distinct honour working side by side with Randy in the “fight room”, which is where every Assaulter goes to and learns our tactical empty hands combative program. Randy is a fascinating, engaging, animated instructor who draws on his extensive and unique combat experiences gained while on active duty in various theatres of war. Randy has an innovative approach when instructing combative techniques. His work ethic radiates a consummate professional who carries the talent and the credentials of a craft known only to the few and fierce Warriors. Direct Action Combat Performance; is a complete, pragmatic, awesome approach to combat, a no fluff skill set to what all modern warriors should know.”

— Casper MacCaul - Retired Military member.

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of reference for Sergeant Randy Turner. I have known Sergeant Turner for over 10 years and am very comfortable stating that he is a person of immense skill and integrity. Please allow me to explain how I came to know SergeantTurner and the impression he has left upon me.
I will start by briefly providing some information about my own background and qualifications to better situate this letter of reference. I have been member of the academic staff at the University of Alberta since 1998 where I now hold the rank of Full Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation. My area of specialization is sport psychology; I teach in the area of sport psychology, I conduct research in the area of sport psychology, and I have been involved in the applied side of sport psychology having provided mental training services to high performance athletes in collegiate-, professional-, and Olympic-level sport for almost 25 years. My expertise in the applied aspects of sport psychology has also taken me into various other high-performance environments, including the armed forces and emergency response teams of law enforcement agencies. With respect to meeting Sergeant Turner, I spent 8 years providing services to his unit within the Special Operations Forces (SOF) of the Canadian Armed Forces.
I met Sergeant Turner many times during the 8 years I worked with his unit. Two “critical incidents” stand out for me that provide the best insight into his character. When I first arrived at his unit to teach (and eventually integrate) psychological skills training into the preparation of soon-to-be-badged assaulters, there was a healthy degree of skepticism towards the things I was teaching by a number of the more experienced members of his unit. In fact, I still remember some of the training cadre (from Training Squadron) standing at my initial briefings with their backs against the wall, arms folded, and a look of general disinterest in their eyes. However, Sergeant Turner (who I did not know at the time and who was not actually a member of the training cadre) came to my session because he was simply interested in the overall aspect of performance psychology that I was teaching. Despite the level of skepticism among some of the senior staff in the room, Sergeant Turner immediately engaged me in a positive and supportive manner, and gave his full endorsement to the principles I was teaching. He was not afraid to speak up in front of his peers (many of whom were his seniors) and support “the unit outsider” who was in the room! This takes immense courage, but also shows his conviction and belief in the importance of psychological training to enhance performance. It was shortly thereafter that I learned Sergeant Turner was also an elite mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who had been very successful in the sport. We have had a professional relationship ever since, and it does not surprise me that he is now the “combative” subject matter expert (SME) in the unit’s Training Squadron. I have seen him fight and I have seen him teach: he is outstanding at both and I hope that I would never have to confront him in a combative situation—he is truly expert with firearms and unarmed combat.
Sergeant Randy Turner is an ethical warrior. He is tough physically and even tougher mentally. I suspect that being part of an elite military unit as well as his many years of being immersed in mixed marital arts has developed his “warrior ethos”. He bestows all of the virtues that the combat community respects: he has courage, he has humility, he has honour, he has integrity, he is loyal, and he is selfless. Given that I admire these qualities, and given his unique personal experiences, I asked Sergeant Turner to come speak with my team (Team Koe) prior to the start of the Canadian Olympic Curling Trials competition in Ottawa in December, 2017. Sergeant Turner spent 2 hours with my team and asked for no financial compensation: he said it was his way of thanking me and of giving back. He held the attention of my team for the entire visit; I was amazed at how comfortable he was in a room full of strangers (but all of whom were highly recognizable and highly successful “household sporting personalities” in Canada). Every day during the Trials we spoke of the lessons Sergeant Turner had shared with us, and I can honestly say that our victory at the Trials (which meant we went to represent Canada at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea) was in part due to Sergeant Turner’s contribution.
I give my unreserved support and would be happy to answer any further questions you might have regarding my impressions of Sergeant Turner. He is a person that I would literally and figuratively trust with my life!

— John G.H. Dunn - PhD; Professor of Psychology at the University of Alberta

I am drafting this letter to provide reference for Mr. Randy Turner whom I have known for over 10 years, professionally and personally. By way of background, I have been a Police Officer for 23 years and a member of The Canadian Armed Forces for 28 years (full and part time). It is
through these professions that I have come to know and respect Randy.
In my opinion, Randy exemplifies the word discipline. This carries through in all aspects of his life, both professionally and personally. He demonstrates this through is physical and sporting accomplishments and his maintenanee of operational excellence. Randy has demonstrated,
through significant military operational experience, a level of maturity and responsibility that places him squarely in the top percentile. Not only does Randy possess tactical and operational excellence, he also has a unique ability to connect with the individuals he trains. Randy manages to effectively balance meaningful training with a safe and structured
environment. His discipline affords his high level of firearms and student safety all while
maintaining operational and training excellence.
I cannot recommend Randy Turner high enough for any training or operational role that he
pursues. His exceptionally high level of discipline, safety, tactical and firearms knowledge all balanced with humility make him well suited for endeavours within his chosen arena.

— Bradley Gillespie - Ontario Provincial Police Officer

I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have worked with Randy on several occasions. He has provided dry-land training for my Atom, Peewee, and Bantam level hockey teams.
At all of these ages, he immediately commands genuine respect and engages the kids with a perfect balance of fun and intensity. I have witnessed him motivating my players to the point where they, themselves have been surprised of what they have been capable of. He challenges kids to think, and inspires the entire team to work together in order to complete the variety of unique missions he has in store. I have tried a few drylands options over the years, but nothing compares to what Randy delivers and the results he achieves.

— Kirk Als - Veterinarian, Father, Husband, Hockey player and coach

Randy is probably one of the most down to earth, dedicated person I know. His coaching abilities are second to none and with no doubt you will improve your game by taking one of his courses. Professional by nature and extremely experienced, Randy will take you to the next level with ease. If you are looking for a passionate person with great knowledge to share, Randy is it.

— Max Latulippe - Professional IPSC Competition shooter