After serving his country at the highest level of Elite Special Forces, Randy Turner transitioned to a leadership role delivering Integrated Defence Training to people of all ages and existing skillsets.  All members of our society deserve access to training that will increase their safety, sense of comfort and well-being. Due to a lack of awareness and training, the general public is vulnerable because they are not equipped to respond to real threats of violence.  Direct Action Combat is a system is designed to provide the general public with skills to effectively respond to modern dangers through realistic self-defence training. 

Randy Turner merged a series of skills into a comprehensive package specifically designed to assist our Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professional and the Government Agencies.  He has also adapted his training methodology to allow the general population to benefit from customized training courses. His courses allows students to adapt to challenging real-world scenarios with confidence in their acquired skillset and decision making abilities.

During his 21 years of Military service, Randy completed the first 5 years with the storied Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and 16 years as an Operator with Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2), within Canada’s Special Operations Forces Command.  Randy was fortunate to work with some of the finest soldiers around the world.  He was employed on eight operational deployments, including stints in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Lebanon.  Experiences were gained through a wide spectrum of missions sets:  from kill-capture missions in Afghanistan, to Close Personal Protection details for the Prime Minister of Canada.  The consummate professional, he balanced operational deployments, leadership roles, training and instructional development.  Mr. Turner played an integral role in the development and implementation of the Combative program utilized by his former Unit.

Complementing his Military service, Randy was an active professional Mixed Martial Arts athlete.  He fought professionally for ten years, retiring from competition in 2018.  During his MMA career, Randy was ranked in Canada’s Top 10, including two different weight categories (#8 at Bantamweight and #3 at Flyweight).  Randy became a Bantamweight Champion in 2012, successfully defending the title in 2013.  Since retiring, Mr. Turner has dedicated his time and energy developing other skills of interest, such as competition shooting.  He is a fierce competitor who has a thirst for challenges.  Randy currently takes part in IPSC shooting competitions and 3-gun shooting challenges.  He is an expert instructor with pistol, carbine rifle and shotgun firearms. 

In addition, Randy invests time in continued education.  His main areas of enlightenment reside in gathering knowledge through studies in Applied Sports Psychology, Human Behaviour, Nutrition, and Strength and Conditioning.  Through a variety of resources and course offerings, Randy continues to learn and apply certain areas of education to complement his instructional approach.

Randy Turner is the owner and lead instructor for Direct Action.  The company provides full-spectrum combative training, blending a mixture of skills and experiences to create a system for self-defence and combative skill enhancement.  His humble and easy-going demeanour enables him to evolve, grow, adapt and share his combat expertise. 

Forged through years of trial and error, a form of Mixed Martial Arts has been designed. The design is intended to help resolve situations commonly witnessed in the streets, where there are no referees or rules. The system blends components of the following disciplines: Krav Maga, Commando Krav Maga, Combat Submission Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Freestyle Wrestling, Blauer Tactical System (SPEAR), Canadian Use of Force System, Kali, Sport Shooting (IPSC) and Combat/Tactical Shooting principles and concepts.

Firearms training: To understand and develop confidence with firearms, Direct Action will provide options to assist in understanding when and where vulnerabilities occur. Strengths will be developed through properly delivered firearms training. Clients will increase their level of firearms comfort and effectiveness through high-quality firearms training knowledge. Direct Action remains committed to providing safe firearms training on the platforms pertaining to pistol, carbine rifle and shotgun training.